EVO - Aerodynamic, extremely durable and fast mounting

A truly great product, defined by integration of shape and functionality. 
EVO is built from ECO friendly materials.

With specially designed housing we have achieved both great looks and optimal heat dissipation.
This lamp self-cleans due to special ribs, inspired by the laws of aerodynamics.
This feature gives the product a constant cooling performance, too.


  EVO catalogue


Patented glass shading technology GSTH®   

GSTH® makes EVO even more efficient, up to 136 lm/W. 
The optic solution is designed to cover up to 9 different applications.







Easy maintenance

EVO family was started with the desire for modularity and easy maintenance.
All components are easily removed. The top housing is easily separated from the bottom one.



  Extra space for upgrades

Top cover of electronics was designed to be easily removed and to allow individual upgrades.
EVO comes with 10 kA surge protection module.



Side or top entry mounting

 ONE bracket for ALL EVO versions.
+/-15º angle mounted on the side or on top entry with a Ø60 mm or Ø76 mm diameter.
Simple operation.



From high speed roads to walking paths 

Smaller roads,
Residential streets, 
Private driveways,
Walking paths,
Bicycle lanes,
Side ways,
Pedestrian crossings,
Parking lots,
Industrial areas,
Interurban roads,
Urban roads,
High speed traffic roads,
Resting places,
Collector roads


EVO M Technical specifications

Supply voltage range:

110-250 V, 50 / 60 Hz

Surge protection:

10 kA with self turn off


16 W / 176 W

Power Factor:


Temperature range:

 -30ºC / +60ºC

Working temperature at Ta25:


Light guiding system:

PMMA lenses



Power reduction:

50% step DIM and 1-10 V

Light source:

High power LED

Colour temperature:

4000 K (3000, 5000 on request)

Colour Rendering Index:


LED Lifetime:

Up to 100.000 hours, L90 at Ta25

System efficacy:

up to 136 lm/W

Lumen flux:

1.800 lm / 20.100 lm

Appliance class:

I and II

Housing material:

Aluminium alloy

Sealing material:

Silicone heat resistant

Cover material:

Tempered glass

Top housing colour:

Grey Antracit or Silver

Wind resistance:

0,13 m2

Protection class:


Shock protection:



Shape for best heat conductivity and water flow

Mounting angle adjustment:

+/- 15º

Mounting diameter option:

Ø60 / Ø76 included

Suggested mounting height:

3-12 m

Dimension (L x W x H):

714 x 289 x 158 mm

Net weight:

max 8,7 kg


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