Nothing proves better quality than long-term operation of street luminaires with minimal change in luminosity. At the end of 2009, the first serial LED street luminaires of the Aerolite LSL L family were installed on Industrijska Ulica in Maribor (Slovenia) with cooperation with our partner Sloluks. We are proud that in all these 12 years LED luminaires, not only still operate without any failure but also continue to provide illumination of the M3 road category and ensure safety and excellent illumination of the roadway, parking spaces and sidewalk.

We are constantly striving to maintain the quality and longevity of our LED products by ensuring high efficiencies with sophisticated electronics, advanced technology and assembly.


At Grah Lighting we are proudly to announce our new web page with a lot of information, new knowledge centre and product presentations.

Light & Building that was planned to be held in March 2020 needed to be postponed due to Covid situation.

The Grah Lighting team wishes all partners and relatives happy 2020 a lot of health, personal and business success in this new decade.

In March this year we presented a new industrial high efficient luminarie Bria.

We participated in the 27th Conference on Materials and Technology (27 ICM&T).

Roman Heuffel, who was the CEO of Grah Lighting since end of 2015 has stepped down from this position to »pursue new opportunities«. Grah Lighting’s internal structure is now restructured and will continue operating on the market with our new CEO and founder, Mr. Robert Grah. New activities have already started that will bring fresh changes into the product range of GRAH Lighting.