For perfectly illuminated industrial workspaces

work stations & desksquality control & inspection stationsproduction line worker’s stationshigh lighting level required working spaces

  • Up to 3000 lx/m2
  • Controlled condensed light output
  • Controlled UGR
  • Various mounting options
  • Industry 5.0 compliant

100% made in Europe
CE certificate
ROHSII certificate
LED modules built in
Recyclable materials
Ingress protection level rating
Impact protection rating
Appliance class I
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface



With Luminous flux from 2.200 lm to 9.100 lm and satin optics for diffuse and soft light FOX light up your workspace perfectly

Build for:
industrial facilities
independent workstations

5 sizes with diffuse light distribution

Very efficient linear luminaire build for specific illumination of industrial workplaces with a possibility to integrate stand alone Active PLUS PIR sensor for more energy saving.

6 positions of wings for more directed light

The wings can be opened or adjusted in 30 ̊, 60 ̊ or 90 ̊angle, symmetrical or asymmetrical. By default the luminaire comes with 60 ̊wings angle.

Filter for a glare free solution

With an additional filter you can have a glare free solution.

Mounting accessories included in the box

Mounting KIT Ceiling


End caps
30 ̊, 60 ̊

Glare control filter,
with end caps 30 ̊or 60 ̊

Mounting KIT
Suspension chain 2 x 1 m

Mounting KIT
Suspension wire 3 m

Mounting KIT
Wall adjustable