Simple design with reduced light strain

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  • For recessed and ceiling applications
  • Prismatic 4DTM optics technology
  • Ultra low glare
  • Reduced Eye strain
  • Eye-care PLUS lighting distribution
100% made in Europe
CE certificate
ROHSII certificate
LED modules built in
Recyclable materials
Ingress protection level rating
Ingress protection level rating
Appliance class I
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface



Ceiling or recessed Brattea

As a manufacturer and lighting engineering company, we understand that every office space contains both ceiling and recessed versions of lamps. A satin or microprismatic cover gives you a really cost efficient and quality lamp. With the DALI option the entire system is even smarter.

Low UGR with microprismatic cover make
BRATTEA an excellent office light.

Microprismatic optics have an attractive appearance, and contribute to softer luminance transitions between different surfaces in a room.
Luminaires with microprismatic diffusers from GRAH offer high efficacy and an excellent low glare light output, thanks to the quality of the prismatic structure of this material.

Special superior quality microprismatic cover, for a luminaire with COMFORT light distribution.

The high quality transparent acrylic optics
has a transmittance of 92%. It is made from a numerous prisms, carefully calculated to direct the light at exactly the right angles needed to avoid unwanted glare.