Classic light reinvented

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  • For recessed applications
  • Reflection grid light technology
  • Reduced Eye strain
  • Tunable white
100% made in Europe
CE certificate
ROHSII certificate
LED modules built in
Recyclable materials
Ingress protection level rating
Appliance class I
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface



Comfort optics and low UGR make DEMA II and DEMA III a high demand office light with up to 6000 Luminous flux

With hybrid optics the source is surrounded by lenses and reflectors that capture the omnidirectional light, guide it into the specified distribution, and contribute to comfort luminance transitions between different surfaces in a room.

Louver luminaires are ideal for general lighting of office space while maintaining a high degree of anti-glare protection.

RASTER LUMINARIE re-invented DEMA DW with Dynamic White option for a true human centric luminaire!

“Human centric lighting is intended to promote a person’s well- being, mood and health. It can improve concentration, safety and efficacy in workplaces or educational environments.”


Dynamic White LED lighting systems, allow full dynamic control, changing colour temperature from cool to warm:

  • colour temperature range: 2700 – 6500K
  • DIM on the specified colour temperature
  • dynamic White systems are controlled with simple touch
    wheel remote controls or with more sophisticated network enabled DALI devices (on request)

Why choose Dynamic White lighting:

  • for creative impact
  • time based effects
  • to enhance well-being by following a natural circadian rhythm.