Proven technology with multi-optic solutions

high speed and urban roadsbike lanesparks and walking pathsparking areasindustrial areas

  • More than 11 optic pattern
  • I-nfinity MK2TM 2020 driver technology
  • Ultra slim Bionic housing design
  • High wind resistance
  • Guarantied lifetime quality
100% made in Europe
CE certificate
ENEC certificate
ROHSII certificate
LED modules built in
Recyclable materials
Ingress protection level rating
Impact protection rating
Appliance class I
Appliance class II
Astro dimming
50% one step dimming
1-10V dimming (analog)
IDA approved Dark Sky Friendly Fixture



Flat, extreme durability and fast mounting

Whether it is used on high speed roads or in walking areas, energy efficacy was the main reason behind development of the Aerolite ECO version. The slimmest lamps on the market.

3 sizes
with 11 light distributions

New optics systems for 11 different applications. Aerolite ECO comes with 4 kV surge protection against internal components damage. With the latest LED chip, efficacy is increased up to 138 lm/W. NTC thermistor is used to protect the LEDs from overheating.

DWC (20)

A-T (21)

FN (23)

TIP: for detailed information on light distributions and the connection with pole height, distance between poles and road width see brochure: Street LED Lighting Guidelines

DNW (24)

SCL (25)

ME (26)

ME-Wide 1 (27)

T2 (28)

PX -R (29)

PX – L (41)

T4 (51)

Side or top entry mounting +/-15° Angle

Three different bracket types with different angle settings.
Fix bracket up to Ø60 mm pole and up to Ø76 mm when adjustable.
Adapter for Ø60 mm to Ø40 mm available.

With luminous flux from 1.800 lm to 23.900 lm and different optics systems, Aerolite ECO cover all your needs

  • smaller roads
  • residential streets
  • private driveways
  • walking paths
  • bicycle lanes
  • side ways
  • pedestrian crossings
  • parking lots
  • industrial areas
  • interurban roads
  • urban roads
  • high speed traffic roads
  • junctions
  • resting places
  • collector roads

Accessories for Street lights


You can choose one of the three colour options for your accessory.


Our AEROLITE LSL & ECO street lights come without brackets – you must choose one of the brackets below.

Control units and protection

*For luminaires with iMCU 1-10V regulation is required.
Aerolite luminaires can be upgraded with:

Service kit

Our AEROLITE LSL & ECO street lights are built to last long, depending on climate region it is necessary to change the light gasket.

Reduction and extension options

* Measurements D1, D2 and Z in [mm]

Mounting options

Different situations require different mounting options.
Below information explains and represents different basic mounting option solutions.
* Measurements W, D and Z in [mm]

TIP: the list includes the most frequently used mounting adapter options. There are more options possible considering different diameter and length

For more data or requirements please contact our Sales department.